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Malware Found on Indian Nuclear Plant Network The Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. (NPCIL) detected malware on its network earlier this year, but noted that the affected computer was part of the plant’s administrative network and isolated from the… Read More ›

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Ransomware Targeting Canadian Businesses and Municipalities(October 14, 2019) A dental clinic in Toronto, Ontario, was hit with ransomware last week. The office was locked out of 19 of its 22 computers for at least a day; the clinic did not pay… Read More ›

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Who is Responsible for Internet Architecture Security? Much of the cybersecurity policy debate in Washington, D.C., tends to focus on the IT systems, networks and devices used by agencies, organizations and consumers. However, the underlying architecture that powers such tools… Read More ›

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Ukrainian Nuclear Plant Network Connected to Internet for Cryptomining(August 22, 2019) Employees at a nuclear power plant in Ukraine reportedly connected portions of the plant’s internal network to the Internet so they could mine for cryptocurrency. The Ukrainian Secret Service… Read More ›