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About the Blog

The Purpose of the blog is to spread awareness among people about cyber threats & some working solutions. It is the fact that If someone steals your information, people hardly care about it because it is not a big issue. Nobody dies actually. But cyber has become a bigger threat and could damage & ruin your life in a second. People can steal all your hard earned money just like this. so keep yourself updated. That is only key to keep yourself safe.

About the Author

I’m Jitendra S. Tomar. Currently, Live in Ontario, Canada. And, really passionate about E-commerce, Cyber Security & Providing working solutions. Like solving software problems.


As an IT professional, I have been in the role of Scrum master & AEM architect and has rich experience in J2EE and CMSes & love working in Java & AEM. I have been involved in AEM designing & implementation in various domains including gaming, telecom and e-commerce. I guide my team to use the best development practices and deliver a quality product.

Personal blog site: https://followcybersecurity.com/