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Microsoft: Patch Windows BlueKeep Flaw Now!(May 31 & June 3, 2019)
 The Microsoft Security Response Center is strongly urging users affected by the Windows BlueKeep (CVE-2019-0708) bug to patch the flaw as soon as possible. The flaw, which lies in the Windows Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), can be exploited without user interaction and could be used to spread self-replicating malware. More than 900,000 machines are not yet patched. 

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Google’s G-Suite Confidential Mode Will Soon Be Enabled by Default(May 29 & 31, 2019)
 Starting later this month, Google will enable confidential mode by default in its G Suite. The feature prevents users from forwarding, copying, or printing messages, and allows senders to set an expiration dates for their messages. Confidential mode has been available in beta for several months. Admins will have the ability to disable the feature if they choose to. 

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: Google Turning On Confidential Mode by Default in G Suite

App Advertisement SDK Forces Apps to Open Scam Banner Ads(June 4, 2019)
 App developers say that some of their programs that are available through the Windows Store are opening tech support scam advertisement banner ads without any user interaction. The issue affects apps that use the Advertising Software Development Kit to display ads.

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: Devs slam Microsoft for injecting tech-support scam ads into their Windows Store apps

IEEE Lifts Ban on Huawei Participation in Peer-Review Process(June 3, 2019)
 The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has reversed its decision to bar people with ties to Huawei from peer-reviewing academic papers. IEEE initially said it would not allow Huawei workers to participate in peer review and editorial activity because of the US government ban on the use of company products; that decision “was motivated solely by our desire to protect our volunteers and our members from legal risk.” IEEE said that over the weekend, it learned from the Department of Commerce that it could reverses the ban.

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: No ban: IEEE gives Huawei employees the all-clear

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