Futuristic Thoughts: How our life could be managed by technology in future?

In era of artificial intelligence & smart devices, Some cyber thoughts leader are already predicting how future would look like for normal human beings. Here is one of the cyber expert @Daniel Miessler futuristic thoughts. Daniel predicts that Organizations would manage full life cycle of individuals. Read below example of Amir life in 2032.


Let’s take a brief look at the life of someone named Amir in 2032. He lives in San Francisco and works at a design company near the Ferry Building. Amir uses the Oracle Ecosystem, because he loves saving more based on how much he does, and becasue they have his favorite mix of media and travel options.

His Life Management System bundle with Oracle Empower includes:

  1. IoT Home (Full Digital Assistant access to his home and shared friends’ homes)
  2. IoT Vehicle (Full DA access to personal and shared vehicles)
  3. Personal Authentication to City and National IoT infrastructure
  4. TaxID (Noah does his taxes for him, backed by Oracle)
  5. VoteID (When he goes into a voting both, Noah validates his identity, and walks him through his options using an approved issues tutorial)
  6. Oracle Health Gold (Full, 100% health coverage with very high limits and no deductables. Once he has a video visit with an AI Nurse or his chosen doctor, they give him a prescription that gets delivered within 30 minutes or that he can pick up at any Oracle Walgreens. Also includes full AI health monitoring and recommendations through Noah, which is his just a personalized Oracle DA, so if anything ever looks dangerous he’s instantly connected to a doctor with EMS standing by.)
  7. Oracle Fitness (his 24/7 personal trainer with access to all the best Peloton courses, personal instruction, and full Daemonized access to all Oracle 24/Hour Fitness Gyms Worldwide)
  8. Oracle Sentinel (a Security and Privacy service that watches globally for signs that his data has been leaked or misused by any company, and responds with cleanups, cease and desists, lawsuits, etc. The system also constantly monitors the security settings for all his various digital and IoT assets.)
  9. Oracle Scholar (Full digital access to the Top 350 worldwide universities’ courses, including live streaming events from the top professors and speakers in the world)

  • Amir wakes up to his alarm that selected the perfect time based on his sleep cycle.
  • His Digital Assistant (DA)—named Noah—shows him the weather, chance of rain, first meetings, and latest headlines on his full-wall display in his bedroom.
  • As he puts on his transparent glasses and watch, he gives his DA a full view of what he’s seeing.

The DA will recognize most every object and scene in Amir’s view using experience extraction.

  • As he eats his cereal, the calories are deducted from his total for the day based on the type of cereal he ate, how much, and the type of milk he used.
  • When he picks up his kettlebells, his DA asks him if he wants to do Kettlebells with someone else, and when he says yes it shows him a gym with an instructor doing a 10-minute kettlebell class.

His DA ordered the Uber through its API.

Read more about continuous authentication.

  • Upon finishing, his DA (Noah) reminds him, “The car will be ready downstairs in 6 minutes.” He gets in and gets out without fiddling with an app because Noah handles everything.
  • At work, everything works around him automatically, even things that require access or payment, because his DA stays authenticated to him continuously through various biometrics, so it’s doing things on his behalf.
  • While at work, he realizes he wants to send his girlfriend flowers, and he asks Noah to handle it. One of Noah’s jobs is to know the gift preferences of everyone Amir cares about, so he orders accordingly from api.flowers.com/order/, and then shows Amir what he ordered in his glasses.
  • When Amir takes a walk under the Bay Bridge after work, Noah chimes in and says, “You’re still favoring your right ankle. Do you want me to bring up Dr. Sarah on video?” Amir says yes, they have a brief video chat transparently in his glasses, and he pays nothing, and a girl on a one-wheeler hands him his prescription 7 minutes later while he’s under the bridge.
  • After his walk, Noah tells him that Steven Pinker is streaming a talk from Harvard in 3 minutes, and that he’ll background it in his glasses.

When he gets home his girlfriend is overjoyed because she just switched from the Oracle CTE to the one by Microsoft, and, “OMG, these features are so much better!!!”

When I watch something via any interface, it knows I’m an independent filmmaker, and it automatically imports the tools used by that director into my Creative Suite! Plus, I get a 2% Customized Meals discount when I make healthier choices, which are then recommended by my DA named Mindy!

Amir isn’t convinced yet, but it is nice to have the same CTE as the person you’re dating. He asks Noah to pull up the Microsoft Entourage teaser, which he does, but not without a slight delay and a bit of sadness in the voice.



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