CyberSecurity: quantum encryption & future of security

Man in the middle attack is one of the most deadly weapons used by Hackers to steal private messages. Also, Nations like China uses similar technology to track down everyone or whomever they wish to track.

By the name itself, you can understand it is a third-party who is trying to get into the middle of the conversation between two computer/machine/IoT devices. Hackers steal credentials, credit cards or private conversations via this technique. One of practical test can be done on public WI-FI.

The security researchers have been trying to improve technology & the latest hot topic is quantum encryption. Using quantum encryption, It is nearly impossible to read the messages/data travelling in the wire. Let’s understand below podcast about it.

To Understand how Quantum cryptography works?

News of the day is that there is a test being conducted to test quantum security between New York City’s Holland Tunnel which connects to New Jersey. The experts are thinking to make this tunnel the most advanced and secure data connection in the world!

Listen the podcast

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